Everyone wants to go green. But how do you do it?
It’s simple. MovieMind Green will come in and assess your business practices and production plans. Making these decisions can be time consuming and involve a great deal of research. Some of the ways our services make your business more eco-friendly is administering green purchasing for future cost-saving – whether it be re-usable water bottles, LED lightbulbs or energy star printers. By tracking your ecological footprint or improving recycling and facilitating donations, our services will turn your measured impact on the environment into a positive one. MovieMind Green will seamlessly transition your business to a more eco-friendly workplace with efficiency and gusto.



Movie Mind Green places sustainability in the hands of every individual on your entertainment team, from a business executive to a set PA. Breaking down a process of greening that is feasible, efficient, cost-effective, transparent and fun, we foster the transition from a disposable mindset to a sustainable environment. By measuring your impact on the environment, your team will gain awareness of their ecological footprint.


In the film and television industry, there is no time and budgets are tight. New production companies pop up for every movie made, and with that comes a temporary and disposable mindset. Making green decisions requires a paradigm shift, meaning quick on the fly entertainment decisions often leave the green out. Yet conducting business sustainability poses threats to the future of humanity and our planet.


We envision implementing a model of sustainable innovation and giving back the the planet to every company in the entertainment industry. What if a producer saw a carbon meter alongside their budget? What if going green lived outside the box of compliance standards? Ready to dispel the misconception that going green breaks the bank? It’s time for companies within entertainment to make business decisions that protect our future.


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by Joanclair Richter, Founder and President Two weeks ago,

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