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Building and breaking down a production set is an extraordinarily temporary process. Because of this, the entertainment industry is infamously wasteful. MovieMind Green is working to reduce that, while simultaneously cutting costs in production. Focusing on write-offs, carbon offsets and preventative conservation measures, these monetary goals are not only possible, but gift a clear conscience and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Producers Guild of America and the Association of Independent Commercial Producers both have green initiatives but no certification and very few companies spearheading programs and services to run these initiatives. We are a niche service to implement these measures in a feasible, affordable and efficient manner.

How We Can Help
  • Eco Friendly Production Plans

    Going green requires identifying eco-friendly alternatives as well as establishing new areas for green technology. We assess the way you do business, outline preventative measures to reduce your carbon footprint, improve conservation and decrease waste.

  • Green Purchasing

    Once we know where we can change, we can make healthy choices to implement those choices. Purchasing the infrastructure you need to house your green practices are the start. How about energy star appliances and reusable water bottles?

  • Carbon Tracking

    Whether it be in an office or on a set, tracking carbon grants an awareness about your environmental impact, in the same way a budget outlines your company numbers. We lay that out, and let you watch the footprint go down the greener your team becomes.

  • Donations

    A great deal of waste can be prevented simply by donating items you don’t use, whether it be old computers in an office building or food at the end of a production day. We decipher what can be recycled or reused and facilitate the finish.

Take Step into the Right Direction
Invest in a Green Future. Go Green.

For most facets of American life, a person can opt to go

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